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Our promise of high-quality essays is backed up by our policies and regulations. We ensure that our customers are offered with the best possible academic writing service in the industry, while keeping our business sustainable. Each and every customer of, is protected by our refund policy, revision policy, guarantee for plagiarism free paper, privacy policy, and terms and conditions. We encourage our customers to be fully aware of our policy guarantees and our terms and conditions, which makes it much easier for us to offer superior quality support, unhindered.

  • Revision Policy ensures that the satisfaction of our customers is always among the top priorities. Therefore, we offer unlimited free revisions on every order, until the expected quality is met. Our revision policies have been designed to ensure that we get a chance to amend any mistakes that our writers may have made in the paper.
For more details, check our Revision Policy Page.

  • Refund Guarantee

We offer full guarantee to return your payment, if there is a significant discrepancy in our services, such as high degree of plagiarism, error in revision, major grammatical or linguistic error, failure to follow instructions, etc. However, the refund claim can be revoked by our administration team, if it fails to meet certain criteria.
To know more about it, please visit our Money-back Guarantee page.

  • Privacy Policy

At, we ensure that the identity and personal information of our customers are kept confidential from third parties. We also ensure that all transactions and activities are conducted discreetly, in order to maintain the privacy of the users. However, in some rare cases, we may be compelled to divulge personal information to concerned stakeholders.
For more details about, please take a look at our Privacy Policy.

  • Plagiarism-free Guarantee

Plagiarism is probably one of the biggest felonies in the field of academics. Submitting a plagiarized content can lead to adverse consequences to a student, including suspension. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to make sure that every order that we deliver is free from any form of plagiarism. We take robust measures deliver completely plagiarism free paper.
To know more about how we provide completely original papers, visit our Plagiarism-free guarantee page.

  • On-time Delivery Guarantee

Timely submission of an assignment is extremely important to avoid penalization. Keeping that in mind, we promise our customers to deliver each and every order within the allocated deadline, no matter how complicated the paper may be.

To know more about our timely submission policies, visit our On-time delivery page.

Terms and Conditions

The delivery of our services is attached to a series of terms and conditions, which have been designed to protect our rights and the interest of our customers. It is important that our customers have a clear idea of the terms and conditions before placing an order so that there is no conflict of interest with the company.

To know more about it, kindly visit our Terms and Conditions page.

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